Saturday, 03.10.2015 the KEWA Wachenbuchen B-Youth soccer team

took on JSG Rodenbach/Neuberg in Rodenbach for the 3rd game of the season in the Kreisklasse Hanau. With a 3-2 loss The Blues let one get away, both teams looking like equals but KeWa shocked their fans by allowing 1 goal within 10 minutes. The first goal came after 1 second of inattention which created a situation in which the Defense did their best to resolve but it was too little too late. The 2nd goal was the result of combination play with the ball being shot on the second post, unstoppable for Goalie Mueller. The shock did not last long, The Blues worked harder to create chances that would change the score in their favor. 10 minutes before the end of the 1st Half Striker Wolzenburg earned a Free Kick due rough contact that brought him to fall outside of the Box. Midfielder Kreitz blasted the Leather at the Goalie who could only block the ball back into the box and Right Winger Gribbin kicked it like a rocket through the Defense under the crossbar to the enjoyment of the fans. The Blues took the Positive result into the Halftime break with the game standing 2-1 for the JSG.

The changes that coaching team Huber and Smiroldo made at the Half coming off the bench were Striker Neufeld for Wolzenburg and Attacking Midfielder Olschok for Right Full-Back Lueckel. With
Neufeld immediately making his presence felt causing the JSG Defense to stay home and doubleteam him. With both teams not giving an inch, it would take 1 chance and The Blues would tie it up
but that would not be the case here. The JSG would go-ahead 3-1 35 minutes into the Half with a shot on the Goalie side, just one step left by the Goalie or if one or the other Defensive Back had attacked the Striker energetically the result would not have been 3-1. A very resilient team The Blues bounced back always 1 step away from closing up the score again through play from Central midfielder Eibelshäuser and Left Winger Dudenkov. 2 minutes before the end of regular time, Dudenkov recovers an errant header in the box and plays it over to Olschok who in his very first game for the KeWa hammered the Leather in the net. 3-2 and now the fire were lit; with only a few extra minutes the Fans were ecstatic their Blues had a chance for a Draw. The KeWa tried hard and gave their best, the 12 Man loud and supportive but in the end just not enough time for the complete comeback.

When the going gets tough the tough get going – Go Blues!!!!

Team: Mueller, Neufeld, Luekel, Frischkorn, Buchanan, Ostmann, Sierla, Eibelshäuser, Gribbin, Dudenkov, Kreitz und Wolzenburg, Olschok.