The KeWa Wachenbuchen B-Youth soccer team took on TG 1837 Hanau on Sunday, 13.09.2015 at home and the 1st game of the season for both teams in the Kreisklasse Hanau.

With the whistle TG kicked off the game, the crowd tense with wonder about how the game would turnout. The Blues were quickly put under pressure with the TG challenging the Defensive back 4 and Goalkeeper. Every attack stopped, with the KeWa Goalie Mueller quickly bringing the ball back into play. With sharp passing and smart combinations the Blues worked their way into the box to challenge the TG Goalie. Both teams could move the leather but the Defenses quickly deflating the challenge of the strikers leading to a 0-0 Draw at the end of the 1st Half.

The Break was needed; the KeWa Youth kicked off and pressured the TG. The attack came over the Midfielder to the Left Winger Dudenkov who with a precision placed ball gave the Goalkeeper no chance to stop it and then it was 1-0 for The Blues. The KeWa were unstoppable, to the relief of the crowd they could now celebrate, jumping for joy. The TG did not expect this but they did their best to equalize the score but with every minute The Blues became stronger, 11 bodies throwing themselves in the way of the pass or shot. Recovering the ball and starting the counter offensive with brilliant passing from the Back 4 to the Midfielders who set up the Wingers and strikers with a chance of ‘1 on 1’ with the Goalkeeper. Good play with lots of movement lead to the 2nd score from our KeWa Team. With a pass to Left Winger Dudenkov who drew the Defense to him setting up Eibelshäuser for a ‘1 on 1’ with the Goalie, who could only fish the ball out of the of the net. The Blues were stout during a hectic and challenging last 10 Minutes to win 2-0!!!

The winner of this match, the Team as in Teamwork – Go Blues!!!!

Team: Mueller, Neufeld, Frischkorn, Buchanan, Ostmann, Sierla, Eibelshäuser, Gribbin, Dudenkov, Kreitz und olzenburg.