Saturday, 19.09.2015 the KeWa Wachenbuchen B-Youth soccer team took on Germania Großkrotzenburg away in the 2nd game of the season for The Blues in the Kreisklasse Hanau. Upon arrival we could only hope that the ominous dark clouds would head to Neuberg. As it would be it rained the whole first half making it 12 against 11 on the clay field. Within minutes the field was a lake which took away the flat pass, the key reason KeWa would not return home with at least a draw. Every attack the Krotzenburger attempted was stopped through aggressive efensive action. Until the 12th minute a dangerous pass intercepted by the Striker who was beat the defense, with a feint right then left outplayed our goalie too sink the ball in the net, 1-0 Krotzenburg. 10 minutes later the same thing happened again to make it 2-0 Krotzenburg. Both passes stopped by a puddle. As the referee whistled the end of the 1st half the sun came out which would be a game changer.

With a drying field and sunshine to greet the teams to start the 2nd half, The Blues came out stronger; the adjustments Coach Huber made at the break improved the game. The Backs passing to the Midfielders who were able to bring the Strikers and Wingers into play creating more chances with shots on goal, The Blues passing game was back. As their chances grew a draw looked very possible. In the end neither team could get past the last line of defense, even though The Blues were the better team on the field, the first half goals were just a fluke due to the 12th man the Rain.

They stayed positive and never gave up – Go Blues!!!!

Team: T. Ostmann, Neufeld, Luekel, Frischkorn, Buchanan, D. Ostmann, Sierla, Eibelshäuser, Gribbin, Dudenkov, Kreitz und Wolzenburg.